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Advanced C++ and Modern Design Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Let Me Be The First!

Hi all, I am Francis, an incoming student of the Baruch MFE program for Fall 2016!

Objective: This is required for us incoming Baruch MFE students. And I am happy to refresh my C++ knowledge and advance to a higher stage.

Programming Experience: I am proficient in C/C++, Python, Matlab, SAS, etc.

Current Status: Graduated; incoming MFE student.

Intended pace: I will try to finish it during this summer.
Hello everyone, I am Jessie, also a student of the Baruch MFE program for Fall 2016.

Objective: Actually, this is a required class for me. I take it as a great opportunity for me to refresh all my cpp knowledge.

Programming Experience: C++, Matlab, R, STATA.

Current Status: Undergraduate, math major

Intended pace: finish before September.
Hi everybody, I am Jimo, incoming part time Baruch MFE student in 2016.

This is a required class for me. I wish to deepen my understanding of C++ 11 and 14.

Programming Experience: C++, Python, Matlab.

Current Status: employee at BAML, math graduate from Columbia.

Intended pace: complete before September.
Hello everyone, I'm Jason. I'm an incoming full-time UChicago FinMath student this fall and am working on an automated system to apply the strategies I use for current clients of my firm.

Objective: enhance c++ specific and general development skills for upcoming placement exams and current work

Programming Experience: C/C++, Python, Mathematica

Intended pace: complete by september 1st
Hi everyone, I am Xinlu, an incoming student of the 2016 Fall Baruch MFE program.

Objective: This is a required class for me. I believe it is also a rewarding course for me to strengthen my c++ skills.

Programming Experience: C++, Python, R, MATLAB, Eviews.

Current Status: Undergraduate, major in finance

Intended pace: I will try to finish before October.
Hello everyone, I feel really excited to take this online course.

I am taking this course as a requirement for early admission to Baruch MFE program, and also I am looking forward to sharpening my programming skill in C++ as a preparation for my future career.

Programming Exp.: Matlab, Python,R, with Matlab frequently used during internships
Current Work: A final year student in School of Physics, Peking University.

Intended pace: I hope to get the certificate before June.
Hello, my name is Andrew and I am an incoming full-time Baruch MFE student beginning in the Fall of 2017.

I wish to improve my programming abilities and deepen my understanding of C++ 11 and 14.

Programming Experience: some C++ and R

Intended pace: I work-full time, but intend to complete this course as soon as I possibly can.
Hello, I'm Selena, an incoming full-time Baruch MFE student in 2017 Fall! Excited to take this course and meet everyone :)

Improve my programming skillsets and get prepared for the graduate study.

Programming Experience: C/C++, Python, MATLAB, R

Intended pace: I intend to complete this course before the end of summer vacation.
Hi, I am Francois, I am a Vol Arb Quant trader, I run a fully systematic book of options across markets in a prop/market making firm in London.

Objective: Improve software engineering skills.

Programming Experience: C/C++, C#, Java, R, Matlab, Python

Current Status: Research master McGill (statistics, signal processing), MFE Cornell, 7 years of experience as a quant strategist and trader.

Intended pace: complete the course before the end of the year.
Hi, my name is Ben Kovalick. I currently work in an insurance firm with a focus on hedging through the use of complex derivatives.

Objective: Enhance general software engineering skills.

Programming Experience: C++, VBA, Scala, R

Intended Pace: Complete by year end.
Hello! My name is Eli and I work as a senior software engineer for a financial research company in Jersey City (but I live in Brooklyn).

Objective: Learn enough about advanced programming in C++ to break into finance or AI

Programming Experience: Python, Java, C#, R, C++, VBA

Intended Pace: Try not to have this course eat into too much of my summer!
Hi, My name is Tianchan Xu. I got the online C++ for FE certificate last November. I like the course very much and learned a lot from Dr. Duffy and my TA -- APalley. Now, I am eager to learn more about C++ and want to well prepared for my future study in FE. So here I am.

Objective: improving my C++ skill

Programming experience: C++, Python, R

Intended Pace: Hopefully I can be certified within 3 months