Advanced C++ and Modern Design Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Objective: To brush up and improve my skills in software development and learn how to use C++ in quant projects. I am currently doing my CFA.

Programming Experience: C++, Java, C#, Red Hat Linux/Windows

Current Status: Solutions & Software, Architect / Consultant, living in the United Kingdom.

Intended pace: ASAP

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Objective: To advance my C++ skills even further,

Programming Experience: C++,python,Java,R

Current Status: Currently applying for jobs as a software engineering for C++ been unemployed for 3 months. Just finished the original course with distinction.

Intended pace:
3 months. I will try to finish and lecture slides/quiz in 1 week and the homework 1 week per each level up until the final project. About 3 -4 months?
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Hello All,

I am extending my enrollment to advance C++11/14, to learn and strengthen C++ concept, happy to meet you all.

Objective: Gain in depth knowledge and practical experience in C++
Programming Experience: C++, Python, Octave
Intended Pace: 3 - 4 months depending on difficulty of course.
I am Lisa and look forward to study this advanced c++ course with you!

Objective: Learn some advanced C++ knowledge.

Programming Experience: I am proficient in C/C++, python, and R.

Intended pace: I will try to finish it in two to three months.
What's up people! I'm Tony. Feels good to be back on the forum.
Objective: Learn the most advanced technics of C++
Programming Exp: Took C++ for Financial Engineering (super useful course) last Summer. Most experienced with Python. Also experienced with R for regressions analysis and a little experience with SAS.
Intended pace: I plan to finish this course within 8 weeks. Sounds crazy I know!
Hi guys! Mason here, incoming student for Baruch MFE (Fall 2022).

Objective: To be familiar with modern features of C++. Some say they make C++ codes more elegant.

Programming experience: Took the basic C++ course here a while ago. Also use Python frequently for research.

Intended Pace: 8-12 weeks, or any pace I find more comfortable.

This is Ronnie. Glad to "meet" everyone in the forum.

Having benefited a lot from Daniel's C++ in FE course, I am here to further improve my proficiency in C++.

Objectives: (1) pick up new features in modern C++; (2) study design patterns.

Programming Experience: proficient in C/C++, Python, and R

Current Status: working in the financial industry.

Intended pace: 12 hours per week.
Nice to meet all of you here! My name is James Wu. I'm a senior interested in quantitative finance and want to extend my C++ skills to a higher level, making me a more skilled and competent programmer.

Objective: Explore further into C++11/14

Programming Experience: Python, R, C++, Matlab

Intended pace: 3-4 months depending on course contents (will try my best!)