Advice for the preparation of Worldquant MFE

Hello to all
I am interested to join the Worldquant MFE. May I ask for a few advices?
I have an Msc in Financial Management from a former UK Polytechnic and currently unemployed in my sector. I discovered Worldquant university by chance.
What courses do you suggest me in order to prepare for the quantitative entrance test? I have already bought courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra and Python from Udemy.
I will also use Khan Academy and Mit open courseware. I am looking for free courses.
I intend to work in a greek risk management firm or a maritime company. Also this degree could be used to land a data scientist/analyst job. I have nothing to loose and I have decided to try my luck.
This is the official guidance for the test
“The Mathematics section comprises 20 questions, covering differential calculus, integral calculus, matrices and linear algebra, set theory, differential equations, complex numbers, sequences and series, logic and proofs, multivariate calculus, convergence of sequences and functions, and partial differential equations.
The Statistics section comprises 20 questions, covering exploratory data analysis, elementary probability, univariate random variables, bi-variate random variables, generating functions, statistical estimation theory, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, and simple linear regression.”
Thanks for your precious time
I gave the test on 27th September, 22. There were 60 questions (20 Maths, 20 Probability and stats, 20 programming MCQs). I would say the difficulty level of test was easy (maybe because I have been coding in Python since last 2 years and the maths section was easy for me because of IIT-JEE preparation during high school).
"Also this degree could be used to land a data scientist/analyst job" - I am not sure what to respond but my primary motivation is to explore this field and it looks decent to me. It totally depends on your needs but I don't think this degree will help you in getting calls from recruiters.