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Advice Math Prep Courses for Applications

Hi All,

I'm hoping to apply for MFE programs for Fall 2022 admission to switch my career to quant. With a Finance undergrad, I didn't take high-level math courses but I'll need them (linear algebra, ODE/PDE, numerical analysis, etc.) for my application. Are there sources that you recommend to take these classes from? Do I need to take them for credits/certificate to prove that in the application? There will be a few of them so I'm looking for affordable courses - I would very much want to avoid paying 10k+ for these prep classes. I audited a few of them while in undergrad and I'm not concerned about their difficulty, so mostly it's a cost-related issue for me.

Appreciate the help!!

So required courses: Calculus 1-3, linear algebra, c++, calculus based probability.
All available at the Baruch pre-mfe which is gonna open up soon. I’m not a sponsor of the Baruch pre-mfe and my experience with it was ok in terms of the instructor but the class it self is very valuable.