Advice requested: GATech QCF vs. Columbia MSOR

Hey everyone,

I received offers for Georgia Tech QCF and Columbia MSOR (MFE waitlist/reject), and was hoping I could get some insight on what would be a better program for me.

My understanding is that Columbia has a better reputation especially if I would want a job in NYC, but that Columbia MSOR graduates have a harder time finding quant jobs than do Columbia's MFE graduates. However, coursework can be virtually the same (???) with a Finance specialization.

Would it be better to attend Georgia Tech given the specified nature of the QCF program, or would the Columbia stamp carry a bigger weight? I would appreciate any advice, and thank you in advance!!!
Hi! When did you get the offer of QCF? And when did you submit the application? I got the interview a few weeks ago but haven't got any news since then.

My bad. I didn't notice your post is one year ago.
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I didn't apply to Columbia MSOR. But if I got both offers, I will probably choose Columbia. Haha! I guess NY has more job opportunities. By the way, I am an international student.