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Advise needed on career switch

I have a bachelors of engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications and have been working in the software industry for 7 years.(Mostly in financial services )
I am looking forward to switch to a career in risk managment industry.

For the same i have some queries
What course/certification will be best suited for switching to risk managmnet /quant role.
The only constraint is that i cannot leave my job for a full time study.

Rohit Sharma
If you are in India and can't leave your full-time job, your only option may be online, remote course; something like CQF or any of the remote program that HK, Singapore offers.
In any case, you will spend a good chunk of money and time to get that certificate/degree and I don't know what your ROI will be.
Many people with good gigs in India, China quit their job to go to NYC for a FT program. You don't have the benefit of working in NYC to join a part-time program so I don't know what is the win-win situation for you except giving up on something.
Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply.
What value does PRM/FRM hold in risk managment.
Will it help?

Rohit Sharma
I don't work in risk management nor I hold either PRM/FRM so I can't help much.
The impression I have is that people working in RM obtains those certs while working so I don't know if studying for those certs would necessarily open doors for you. If anything, people would prefer candidates with relevant working experience over those obtain the certs out of a book.
Also, a good percentage of MFE grads end up in RM so I don't think you need PRM/FRM.


Older and Wiser
Having the cert won't hurt you. So if you want to do it, go for it but keep in mind in might help you very little if you don't have work experience.
Rohit, what type of financial services work have you done? If it is relevant to trading, I'd say you have a decent shot at a hedge fund in India. Have you been doing software development? If so, even better. I think software developers with a trading background are usually always in demand.

If the above is true, I'd say connect with individuals that have connections into hedge funds -- perhaps some India-based headhunters or through your contacts in the financial services industry. Also, your school's alum association might be able to help with connections.

no certification for quants

If you are an expert in coding C++, you can get your foot in the door of the quant world