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Algorithms for love

And this is where the matching potential of supply and demand comes into its own. You submit these constituent elements into a patented algorithm to be “matched.” And just like contemporary financial markets, the sophistication of the trademarked algorithm is a selling point in itself — with Eharmony offering “29 Key Dimensions that are crucial for relationship success” compared to OKCupid’s algorithm magic: “Algorithms, formulas, heuristics — we do a lot of crazy math stuff to help people connect faster.” Whatever the brand, the veneration of a particular algorithm or method is par for the course.

And just like the derivatives market, the only way to ensure a “successful” outcome is to continually participate; to trade, to take multiple positions in the market, to hedge your risk, to be constantly active. To only engage in a single conversation with a sole potential suitor is a dangerous game. And so you sit and swipe, and sit and swipe, engaged in an elaborate system of matching, risking, and hedging. And as a result of all this trading the algorithm improves; your chances of a better match improve: “So when you head out on an eHarmony date, you know it will give you butterflies not awkward silences.”

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The downfall of this stuff, though, is that algorithms (of any kind) only work if there's a sufficient amount of accurate data provided-- and virtually no one is ever honest in online dating profiles so it's garbage in, garbage out ;)