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AlgoTrading in Tehran Stock Market


New Member
Hey there,
As you may know Iran experiences one of the biggest inflation rates in the world as US puts severe sanction on it. So any asset inflates proportional to inflation or even based on its leverage more than that. Based on this description, Tehran stock market (TSE) has experienced more than 1000% growth in the last 2 years. Growing digital devices has provided Iran with a great chance of inflation control besides national project finance in the market.
Growing Number of active investors attending in the market is providing great chances of statistical arbitrages. Most of pro traders has made their capital 10 to 35 folds!! :censored::censored::censored:
The question is, what quant strategies exist that can be used in super-volatile markets, provided that someone has analysed some of the most basic patterns of iranian traders and inner structure of the market? Does anyone have any strategy that can be used in emerging markets? Any resource? Any expert?!