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another free spreadsheet download

Very solid page, Pat.
i downloaded the spreadsheet from this page and it could have saved so much time from my courses the last 2 semesters. it has all the monte-carlo, option pricing, binary tree, etc done in VBA. Excellent source.


OP, wow. that woulda saved me a TON of time a year and half ago. i don't know enough VBA to ever write something like that myself but it is teaching me just some basics that i think i can now put to use....at the very least how to enter inputs with that neat little box and simulate a string of random numbers.

i read that book and used it in class and was impressed with kerry back ... didn't realize he did that much excel work online for free.

ty for that link.

Knowing VBA well will exponentially increase your employability (and salary). Excel and VBA go hand in hand. Maybe you can make it your New Year resolution ;)

I have a few good VBA books recommended in this list Master list of useful Quantitative Finance books - QuantNetwork - Financial Engineering Forum

I have that thick Walkenbach book on my desk at work.

just bought it. i'll add VBA to my new years resolution list...which brings the total to 2.

first one though is just to do everything possible to heal my foot and get back skiing this season.

i think VBA is hugely necessary though and i'm glad i found this forum for the push to get going on it.

it doesn't look all that difficult from the simulation code from that spreadsheet above...but i'm sure it is way harder as complexity increases. i should also learn how to get matlab to communicate with yahoo (as in that code i downloaded), but as of right now i haven't even tested that.

thanks again,