Any experience with MSCI?


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I recently applied to a position at MSCI. I am very excited about this role, I made it to the final round, we even discussed salary and I signed an authorization form to perform background check. I thought things were going great but after enquiring status last week (radio silence for 2 weeks) I received the following message "We're still interviewing more candidates", alright, I'm confused. Is this a rejection? It's OK, I can deal with rejection, that's no problem, I have experienced worse situations in my life. (We are adults right?) But how should I interpret this? Any advice? Let me explain why I am worried: I'm currently employed full-time: I'm a researcher in mathematical physics and I need to plan things, i.e meaning I need to confirm very soon my teaching load (semester starts in 1 month). Of course, if the application is successful I can even resign one day before, but this will generate chaos as I'm involved in teaching graduate courses; plus this is not ethical at all.

What do you suggest? Do you have any experience with this firm? (i.e the hiring process) Shall I just close the page?

Thank you!
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Its unusual to bring a candidate through the process, discuss salary, obtain background information, then interview other candidates. You should interview other jobs, including your current. Maybe email the HR contact, thank them for consideration, and share that you are eager for the role, and that you have to commit to your teaching Load for the fall, and ask if they expect to reach a decision within the time frame.


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Thank you for your reply; yes, I did exactly that last week and that's the reply I got. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with the hiring process of the firm (yes, I already reviewed Glassdoor) but it seems not. Thanks.