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Any free version of "Risk.net"?

I believe "Risk.net" is a fantastic source for financial risk management, but it is not free. Are there any free forums/maganizes focused on financial risk management?
It's also too expensive for me too. So is a Ferrari!

Question is do you need Risk.NET as student ... more important to focus on core stuff ...
I mean, just want to follow the risk market, much like other financial students read WSJ to follow markets.

Do you know any free alternatives?
Reading WSJ to follow markets is like driving a Fiat thinking that you can drive a Ferrari. A does not imply B. you will get more stupid from reading WSJ.

you dont need Risk.net. Try SSRN or arxiv.org. most of the important risk.net papers, like SABR by Hagan (Managing Smile Risk) etc, are free to download
Hi all,
At Risk.net we offer large discounts for Universities to License our Academic package. If you'd like to learn more I'd be happy to share the information with you, alternatively do ask your subject librarians to be in touch. I believe it's vital that students and professors monitor our content, and if possible use within studies/research