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Any good book/sources about stop loss order?

After some reading around biographies of some of the best traders, one common feature that I could spot is that most of them are using stop loss order. I'm pretty sure that they have a very good reason doing so, but I don't want to just use it blindly. soo is there any good materials/book specifically about this topic? Any comments/inputs will be most appreciated! :)
Hey Kevi,

Would you mind to share with those biographies with us? ( like about who, which book or which site and stuff like that)

Ken Abbott

Managing Director
Do you really need a book on this? It's a simple concept. If your trading strategy is based on it, then it's different.
It's not simple at all. Administering stops is very messy. Do you put size limits on as the trader gets close? Do you close out the position in an illiquid market? What do you do when the trader breaks through the stop? Close the position out? Fire him/her? Send him/her home for a few weeks (a common approach)?