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Cornell FE Any idea when the results would be out?


Active Member
Hi fellow applicants,
Since it’s been quite a long wait since Dec 1st (the application deadline) for Cornell and most people are done with their interviews too in early December. Any speculations of when Cornell would be releasing their final decisions?


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From the tracker, it seems that Cornell started to send out decisions since mid-January last year, but no one, as far as I know, has heard back for the fall 2020 term admissions yet. Does anyone know what happened? Are there too many applicants?


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I suspect they would be releasing decisions between 18-22 Feb
also as per tracker data this is the first time Cornell had this much delay in atleast 3-4 years
maybe people who got admits are not updating on quantnet

Bryce E

Active Member
Per the tracker data it seems they are still below the average wait time for Cornell? It has been 80 days since I submitted the application and it looks like it usually takes around 94. I agree that in previous years it looks like some students were admitted around the 60 day mark which does not seem to have happened this year


New Member
I don't think they have given out any admission yet, but the first wave of results should be released soon. Maybe mid or late Feb?