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Chicago MSFM Anyone going to Chicago MSFM?

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by sherryyu, 4/14/18.

  1. sherryyu

    sherryyu New Member


    I'm an incoming student for the program and I wonder if there's a chat group for new students?

  2. somya harjai

    somya harjai Member

    Hey, let me know if there's a chat group for fall'18 students
  3. yinanchen

    yinanchen New Member

    The admitted students from China form a WeChat group. If you don't mind communicating in Chinese, you can contact me privately.
  4. DiamondLemon

    DiamondLemon Member

    Hi, cong! And could you please tell me how many people are in that Wechat group now? Because I still did not receive any updates from this program.
  5. yinanchen

    yinanchen New Member

    Not many, 36 now. UChi says they will keep sending offers till 4.30. So there are still chances.
  6. DiamondLemon

    DiamondLemon Member

    Sure. Thank you. Hope we can become classmates!
  7. Liu Guixin

    Liu Guixin Member
      C++ Certified

    That comforts me a little bit. I haven't received any ad.'s from any programs, and it's really frustrating.
  8. BennettJackson

    BennettJackson New Member

    Hey me and some other students just formed a GroupMe. If you want to join just DM and I’ll share the link! (@sherryyu as well)
    Transcending likes this.
  9. Jiajie Liu

    Jiajie Liu New Member
      C++ Certified

    88 chinese in the wechat group now.
  10. DiamondLemon

    DiamondLemon Member

    And do you know how many of them will come to this program?
  11. Transcending

    Transcending New Member

    I will be attending in the Fall! Feel free to message me if you would like to link up and connect. We also have a GroupMe for some of the other admitted students as @BennettJackson has mentioned
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