Columbia MSOR Anyone got a response from MSOR department?


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Hello everyone! I know that many people here were invited to an interview for the MSOR course. I am too, so I need your help please. The email said that when I click on the interview tab and accept the interview offer, they will contact me to schedule the interview within two weeks. Could somebody please tell me the exact process ? How many days after you accepted the interview they contacted you and how many days after that you had the interview? Were they flexible with the date or they just ask you for a specific day?

Hyeonjoon Jang

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Four days after I accepted the invitation for an interview, I received an email from an IEOR ambassador with a specific date and time for a skype interview. I was offered an admission a few hours after the interview. Hope this helps


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My apologies for the slightly indiscrete question but those who were admitted, did you get any amount of funding from the department?


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Hey anyone who's received the MSOR admit? and joining? Is there a fb group for the batch joining in fall 2014?