Anyone has their own website?

Hey guys; anyone has some free time and interesting in a time-related investment?

I have spend years (and thousands of dollars) on the development of my website I am completely bogged down with school work and do not see myself getting this site off the ground this year. However, I would be interested in meeting with someone who is:

a) Motivated
b) Intelligent
c) Computer Savvy

If such a person would be interested I would hand over the reigns of the site for this year, perhaps longer. Pay would come as a percentage of overall profit. Everything has been arranged and organized. My suppliers are "standing by". A lot of the work will be simple such as updating product information/ editing pages. Some would be choosing new products/ working with costumers.Nothing too intense.

If you are interested please PM me. Everyone who applies (and is a reasonable candidate) should expect a relatively short meeting with me in Manhattan.


M Ross
I am aware of that. It is not just the design. The concept had to go through a legal process as well as 2 different major developmental overhauls... not to mention that my original web designer went bankrupt :(