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Anyone NYC member playing tennis?

If any Quantnet members living in NYC is interested, I can set up some weekend meets so we can all play together. I live near some public parks whose tennis courts are severely underutilized. Most mornings, we are the only ones playing there.
I am in. Level: Beginner
I hope it is not very far away.


Psychic in Training
I haven't played tennis since a shoulder injury early in my undergraduate years... It's mostly healed but I haven't played since. It would be interesting giving it a shot.
Level: Likely bad.


I play once in a while like an amateur ... Let's watch the pros first at US Open, for Labor Day, on Monday 09/05/2011 in Flushing, Queens. They sell All Day Access tickets and we can watch multiple games throughout Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and have a drink in between. (hopping for sunny weather).
Your "beginner" is my expert. I'm not good at all but enjoy the game. Depending on the date and time I might be interested.
lol. perfect. i am a novice myself. so lets make a schedule? i used to be really good in tennis. but after i pulled my right shoulder i stopped playing. maybe i can get back. don't know
I play tennis! Who's down? I know some free courts up around 137th street, in Riverbank State Park. Also what I do if I can't make it to an actual tennis court is play against a handball wall; they're a lot easier to come by and the game can be just as fun and competitive. By the way, anyone play (wall) handball? I play that too.