UCLA MFE Anyone's heading to UCLA this fall?

George Chirbas

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Hello all,

Decisions for round 1 must have been released by now. Has anyone else accepted an offer of admission?


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I too am curious how many applications have been accepted in round 1. I just applied for round 2.


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Congrats! Same here too. This is the only offer that I have at present. I am not seeing a great deal of activity for this program in this site ? From what I heard, the program director said that the number of applicants have doubled this year and so, we should expect more people joining this thread in the future. Also did you get any scholarship ?

Hoshang Daroga

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Hey Guys! I just thought of dropping in a line that I will be heading to UCLA this fall too...
Im a little disappointed that other candidates haven't posted in this thread yet. It will be good to know our batchmates.
Looking forward to the program.


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The average age at UCLA MFE program is suggested to be 26. Does this rule out kids like me with a strong 2 -2.5 year Work Experience?