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Applicant creates 11-page presentation why Citi should hire her

Look how far some has gone to set one apart from the pool. One female applicant sent Citi an 11-page presentation entitled “I’m Always Awake With Citi: 9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Hire Me As Your Investment Banking Analyst” filled with headers like “Smart” and lotsa clip art

Last we heard, she is asked back at Citi as well as other banks where she sent the same package of why they are her dream company.

Citi Analyst Applicant Creates 11-Page Presentation On Why She Should Get The Job Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip



  • Cover-Letter_citi.pdf
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Quant Headhunter
Good on her.

Some people will just see this as the actions of someone who's slightly unhinged, others will see passion, and a few will say "what the hell, get get her in, it might be interesting".

Having been both a hiring manager and a headhunter I know how important it is to stick out.
S she's radically altered the distribution of possible outcomes.

Remember this is the game theory of winning races, not of maximising averages.
It's better to come first 10% of the time and last every other race, than 2nd 100% of the time.

Also, she has put effort into a Citi application, which looks really good. Often candidates demonstrate no real desire to work for your firm than "you're hiring, I'm looking for a job"

I reckon that's a day, maybe two of solid work, and she's multiplied her chance of getting the job she wants by a serious amount.

That's a good lesson for people around here.

Even if you don't do a Powerpoint presentation, research into your potential employer is good.
inspiring story...there are only so many tools at the disposal of a job hunter (resume, cover letter, networking, anything else?), and it is great to see how one can get creative with it...

Most IB career resources that I have checked have urged the applicants to resist the temptation of getting creative with their cover letter and resumes...Is this the time to rewrite the rules?
There are a shitload of grammar mistakes... that wasn't a problem, considering it was a cover-letter? This is I-banking...


Faculty (Undercover)
She forgot a slide:

There are a shitload of grammar mistakes... that wasn't a problem, considering it was a cover-letter? This is I-banking...

This is what she's claiming:

I have developed good communication skills through internship in PwC and Summit Strategies Group, where I actively communicated with team members, clients,bank staff,and consultants. I also have great writing skills and earned many composition prizes.

How credible are her various claims going to be after people look at the mistakes in her presentation?
That slide show is bush league. If you're going to do something like that it has to be more professional.