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Application for Fall 2021

Hi, I'm thinking about applying for MFE programs for Fall 2021. It seems that there is a lot of people deferring this year so I'm wondering if it will be more competitive to get an offer next year? Is there any program with low deferral rates or some programs don't allow deferrals this year? Many thanks!


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2021! That would be my case also. Of course Baruch is my goal
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The thing is they might not be allowed to enter the country for the next year if the travel restriction wont get lifted or the entire program is conducted online only. If students deferring wont get chances to study on campus next year, do these programs expand the class size since online teaching wont occupy so much resources.
The coming season's applicants also shrink due to difficulty in taking standard tests, fear of virus spread in US, reluctant to be in online classes, and uncertainty of the following opt, h1b opportunities...
Considering all those knotty situations and the financial stress to schools, I tend to think they will change the priority for admissions somehow, instead picking the ones with the highest gpa just out of college, they may prefer ones who are physically in the US and with some decent working experiences and mature enough to take care and protect themselves in these pandemic days.