Application review

Hello all,

I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2018 with a BS Chemical Engineering. Worked as a Chem E for 8-9 months in the US before returning to India due to personal reasons. Working for my family business and part-time with an equity research firm in India right now. Sat for CFA L1 in June 2019, fairly confident that I will pass. Have full intention of registering for L2 in June 2020.

Important data:

Undergrad: BS Chemical Engineering
GPA: 3.61/4.00
Took one Python and two Matlab courses in college, if that matters.
Worked as a physics TA (python based course) for six semesters and at a research lab for 1 year.

Will be taking the GRE in September and I think I will do well as I have generally done well in practice tests and in similar tests. Columbia MFE is my dream program and I wanted an opinion of my chances for Fall 2020. Open to suggestions for other programs and general advice. More than willing to give further details if needed. Thanks!


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Good luck, I would have loved to go to Columbia MFE but they rejected me. A premier program at a great school.
Seems like you may need some more programming experience with C++, R. Apart from that, Statistics is also very important; what experience do you have with stats?
I figured as much. I am enrolled in a C++ 12 week bootcamp in my hometown. I only took one statistics course (Probability and Applications) in college. Any suggestions as to how I can compensate for that?