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ARPM Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Events' started by Alessandro Milazzo, 3/1/16.

  1. Alessandro Milazzo

    Alessandro Milazzo New Member

    The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp is a 6-day (+2 days conference) intensive, quantitative course led by Attilio Meucci. Topics include portfolio construction, factor modeling, liquidity and execution, estimation, risk modeling, optimization, and much more.
    The program is delivered as theory, live simulations, review sessions and exercises.
    Attendees are eligible for various certifications upon the successful completion of the program: 40 GARP CPD, 40 CFA Institute CE credits, academic credit, ARPM Certificate.

    Start date: August 15, 2016. End date: August 20, 2016.

    Venue: New York University Skirball Center for the Performing Arts 566 LaGuardia Pl, New York

    For questions and information, please, contact Zorica Ivanovic, email: bootcamp@arpm.co

    For more details, please, visit our website: http://www.arpm.co/
  2. angela.loregian

    angela.loregian New Member

    The next edition of the Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp will take place on August 14-19, 2017 at the New York University.
    For details and registration visit www.arpm.co/bootcamp
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