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Ask for Advice for Master Programs


New Member

I'm preparing for applying 2021 master programs and would like to hear general advice in chance of getting into my ideal programs. My dream programs: Columbia MFE & Math of Finance; NYU MFE & Math of Finance; UCB MFE;

Math, Econ double major at Top 30 U.S. University
GPA: 3.84 / 4.00
GRE: V162 + Q166 + 4.0 (not prepared well for the quant part. Will retake one later)
Two Summer Interns at the lending department of a commercial bank
Coding: Data structure in Java, Python (Self-study the Python for Finance at QuantNet), Bloomberg Certification, R & STATA in Econometrics, MATLAB

Additional Question:
I enrolled in Stanford to take its Machine Learning course, as a summer visiting student. But due to personal connection reason, I withdraw from the summer program so that there is a 'W' on my Stanford Transcript. Am I required to submit my transcript from Stanford to my graduate applications, since I noticed every program said " Official transcript copies from every post-secondary institution attended "? If I submit it, will it be a downside on my application?