Asking Recommendation from a new employer/team

Long time lurker here. I absolutely love this community and it has helped me in preparing for my upcoming applications for Fall 2021.
I don't know if this question has already been asked or not but I thought it was important and would love some feedback from you guys!

So , a little background, I am currently a Software Engineer at Citicorp - joined straight from college - and they have this system of a two year rotation process for freshers that lets us be a part of two teams in two years. For my first year I did development job for an ETF application, nothing extremely cerebral in the technical coding/software engineering point of view but I gained a lot of business knowledge which I loved.

In my second rotation, which I started a few weeks back, I got a chance to interview and join their Options Market Making Team which could be considered a little more relevant while applying to MFE programs. The work involves (will involve soon) a lot of core C++ and Analytics that would provide necessary background information and bolster my application. However, since I will be applying for Fall 2021 and I plan to apply to the earlier round of programs, I was wondering if a recommendation letter from a manager of this team after 2-3 months of work would be a good idea. I also want to know if it would be a good idea to mention this on my resume but then again , I probably would need some proof to back up my claims.

Would love some help regarding the same!