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Asking univ. to come up with decision soon

I have been admitted in Michigan and have to inform my decision soon.
I am still awaiting decisions from Chicago/Cornell/NYU/CMU.

I read in one of Andy's posts, that it is a good (and safe as well) practice to ask universities to come with decision by letting them know that I have to confirm admission in any university.

Andy, in your opinion, can I mail these universities to bit hurry up saying that I have to confirm decision in Michigan?
Wont it create a negative impact on decision as they might think that I can reject their offer because of Michigan?

Many Thanks.

(P.S. Andy, I have sent you personal message as well for same. Just posted here in case you miss that message)
I wouldn't tell the other universities to hurry up or that you have admission with Michigan. Just ask what the current status is and when a decision will be made. You could also try asking Michigan for an extension on your decision.
If you write it in a kind way it is supposed to be OK. Mentioning they are your top choice but still you don't want to end up with nothing and bla bla. I wrote this to a couple of places and they were kind, all in all they let me know they will do their best to reply as soon as possible but cannot give me any deadlines. Good luck ;)