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I am 16 and looking to start educating myself on Quantitative finance. My maths knowledge is Calculus 1-3, Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, I have coding experience in Python. Within the next 2 years I will take Probability and Statistics and PDEs.
Looking at the forums here and other sites like YouTube I find conflicting advise on what you would need to pursue a Quant career.
Would Willmott's book on Quantitative finance or J hull's book on derivatives be considered an industry standard?
I am very lost on where I should go next.

Daniel Duffy

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16 (school kid) and you know about PDE and Paul Wilmott?

for PDE this book is most up to date

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I've seen you on this thread quite frequently and it seems like you have a wide range of expertise and are always pushing other to look at subjects from different perspectives. Thanks for the PDEs book I will make sure to look into it. After that what finance book would you recommend?
I am looking into stochastic processes and Calculus from 'Mathematical Method of Finance'.
What other maths courses would you say I should do, Real Analysis?
Would you recommend focusing more on maths for now?
Up to what level should I pursue C++?
From your comment I am assuming you are saying to leave Maths and Finance until later?
I am Greek and when I am done with my GCSEs I will spend a great deal of time educating myself on world history and politics.

Ancient Greek mythology has always seemed beautiful to me (also architecture) but I am also interested in the history of great empires and their fall
Back in the day one man used to be a philosopher, mathematician, scientist and theologian. Learning gives me more ways to express my thought and expand my imagination