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I am an italian student and I want to take a master in financial engineering/computational finance in the next 1/2 years.
This my background:
I have just finished my bachelor degree in Economics and Management at Luiss University and I got a degree grade of 110 cum laude/110 and my GPA was 29.33/30 (italian GPA; in Italy bachelors last 3 years). During my last year I discovered my interest in computational finance and, because my studies were not quant enough, I decided to take a "gap year" before starting a master to improve my chances of entering a top quant university.
I did my bachelor thesis about stochastic processes and stock options' pricing techniques on Python 3.7, writing a code to price European stock options with the Black-Sholes method, the MonteCarlo method and the binomial method. I followed some course, gaining certificates, of MatLab and R and I am currently taking the C++ course for Financial Engineering. I am currently doing an internship at American Express as Credit Data Analyst and most of my job is in VBA. During my bachelor studies I had classes of mathematics and statistics but to a little extent, therefore I am taking 3 exams at Luiss University in Mathematical Methods for Finance and Probability from the Master in Finance and Applied Statistics and Econometrics from the Bachelor in Finance. I have to take the GRE (I have already taken the GMAT scoring 700 but with a low quant score) and I am planning to apply for a master at Berkley, Columbia, MIT, Stanford in December. Alternatively, I might be taken for a job (waiting for the result of my interview) related to Finance but not for a really quant position (in risk management, but not at a high level). In this scenario I will probably start this job and apply for the master one year later.
This being said, I would like to have a honest opinion about my chances of being admitted to a top university.
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