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UCB MFE Bad interview

marco di bartolo

Well-Known Member
I recently had round 1 interview but I don't have a good feeling about it. I read on the website that interviews do not determine admission decision but just suggested learnings before joining the program if admitted. Any thought about this? Did anyone get admission with poor interview?

Nth Root of N

Active Member
If you're interviewing for the kind of program where you pay your own way (i.e. MFE degree), it doesn't really make sense to worry about your interview performance.

Nth Root of N

Active Member
I should have said, it doesn't make sense to be worried retrospectively about an interview that could have gone better, for this type of program.

I had an interview at one of the top 2 programs that I don't think went 100% well, but given that the program costs >$80K, I suspect performance on the interview is a less rigorous part of the screening process than it would be in (for example) Ph.D. admissions.