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Bank of Curves


1 Normal Distribution
2 Gamma Distribution
3 Rayleigh distribution
4 Step Response
5 Bessel First Kind
6 Bessel Second Kind
7 Black-Scholes - Call
8 Spherical Bessel First Kind
9 Spherical Bessel Second Kind
12 The Fourier Series
13 Lissajous/Bowditch Curves
14 Rose or Flower Petals
15 Super Circle
16 Chrysanthemum Curve
17 Butterfly Curve
18 Cochleoid
19 Cardioid
20 Deltoid
21 NN
22 Hypotrochoid
23 Lemniscate of Bernoulli
24 Spiral of Archimedes
25 Epicycloid
25 Lituus
26 Piriform
27 Antena Radiation Pattern

From the Downloadable File extract program CURVE_BANK to your desktop and execute.


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