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Baruch MFE Baruch MFE December 2019 Full-Time placement


Baruch MFE Director
The December 2019 Baruch MFE cohort set a new standard of success: with a placement rate of 93% at graduation, the median starting salary increased to $125K from $110K and the median first year guaranteed compensation increased to $145K from $128K. Equally impressive, the minimum guaranteed compensation increased to $110K from $95K and 50% of our graduates were hired by buy-side firms, an all-time high; details below.

Moreover, 23 of 29 current students already accepted summer internship offers.

As of December 20, 2019, 26 of 28 December 2019 Baruch MFE graduates seeking employment in the financial industry accepted full-time employment offers.

First Year Base Salary and Sign-on Bonus
December 19 Median: 145K; Average: 151K; High: 235K; Low: 110K

Dec18-May19 Median: 128K; Average: 130K; High: 195K; Low: 95K
Dec17-May18 Median: 126K; Average: 128K; High: 190K; Low: 87K

First Year Base Salary
December 19 Median: 125K; Average: 123K; High: 160K; Low: 100K

Dec18-May19 Median: 110K; Average: 111K; High: 155K; Low: 90K
Dec17-May18 Median: 115K; Average: 109K; High: 145K; Low: 87K

Employers (by type):
Hedge Funds / Prop Trading / Asset Management 50%
Investment Banks 38%
FinTech /Tech 12%

Employers (some with multiple hires; selected): AQR, BAML, Barclays, Beacon, BlackRock, Citadel, Credit Suisse, Cubist, Goldman Sachs, IMC Trading, Millennium, Morgan Stanley, Point72, Quantitative Brokers, quantPORT, SCT Capital, Societe Generale, Squarepoint

Location: New York 88%; US (other) 12%
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