Baruch MFE Baruch MFE Employment - December 2016 - May 2017 graduates


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As of June 1, 2017, 35 of 35 December 2016 - May 2017 Baruch MFE graduates seeking employment in the financial industry accepted offers from financial companies primarily from the New York area; details below and at

First Year Guaranteed Compensation
Dec16-May17 High: 210K; Low: 85K; Average: 131K; Median: 125K

Dec15-May16 High: 195K; Low: 85K; Average: 121K; Median: 110K
Dec14-May15 High: 180K; Low: 85K; Average: 111K; Median: 100K

Employers (by type)
Investment Banks 60%
Hedge Funds 23%
FinTech 9%
Consulting 6%
Rating Agencies 3%

Employers (selected)
Balyasny Asset Management
BNP Paribas
Credit Suisse
Chicago Trading Company
Deutsche Bank
Highbridge Capital
JP Morgan
Morgan Stanley
SevenEight Capital
Van Eck Associates

New York 86%
US (not NY) 11%
Hong Kong 3%

Note: The first year compensation reported here is the compensation guaranteed at the time of employment. It consists of the starting salary plus the signing bonus plus any first year bonus guaranteed in the offer letter, if any. The annual performance-based bonus is not included here. In other words, the first year total compensation of our graduates is higher than the guaranteed compensation reported.

The 2015-2017 Baruch MFE Employment Report is available at

More detailed stats can be found at Employment Statistics - Baruch MFE Program