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Baruch Portfolio Management Club


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
Baruch has a number of student organizations that focus on various aspects of finance. Four that I am aware of are:
- Graduate finance and investments club
- Undergraduate Finance and Economics Society
- Undergraduate Investment Banking Club (http://www.investmentbankingclub.com/)
- Undergraduate Portfolio Management Club

The last one is run by Luis Romero (Luis also works for me at the Subotnick Center).

Luis suggested I post the two attached files so that you can get some ideas of what they do in this club.

The Prospectus is fairly self-explanatory. The other file: CXTI.1.23.07.pdf
is an example of the kind of research report they produce.


Prof. H.


  • CXTI.1.23.07.pdf
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  • PMCF Prospectus.02.04.07.pdf
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