Berkeley MFE Part Time

Hi all

I posted a while back, looking for some thoughts / advice on leaving my current role (portfolio analyst / implementation) at a well regarded shop to pursue an MFE. The forum had some good advice, focused primarily on using MOOCs / part time courses to pick up relevant skills and network internally (a lot of which I’ve done between then and now).

I was just going back over course requirements / Courses covered across a few of the top schools and noticed that Berkeley is now offering a part time version of their main program now. I think this is new as at the time I was inquiring, it wasn’t available. If I went down this road, I could partner with quant desks internally at my firm to pursue the “industry project” (in lieu of an internship).

Any thoughts on doing an MFE part time? Particularly curious to hear from those who have either pursued this line of study at Berkeley or have done so elsewhere (Baruch for example) and your experiences in transitioning from whatever job you were doing at the time into a quant role or something relevant to the MFE study.

you work and live in the bay area? you can do it stanford offers part time too it's usually an ez internal transfer or work with career office to get to where you want to be next