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UCB MFE Berkeley MFE: R2 Deadline is March 29

The Round 2 deadline for the Berkeley MFE program beginning in March 2018 is just around the corner!

Submit your application by 11:59 PM Pacific time on March 29 and we can review your file and post a decision by May 25.

Have questions? Contact us or join our next info session on March 28!

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the Berkeley MFE application:

Can I submit my application if my recommendation letters or test scores are not in yet?

Yes! We will simply wait until the letters or scores are received and then begin reviewing your file. Please note that the decision date may vary depending on when your application becomes complete.

Can I submit my application even though I still need to complete some prerequisites?

Yes! We recognize that many students can complete prerequisite courses between the time they apply and the time the program begins. We encourage you to list your preparation plan in the application (short answer question 1) and we will follow your progress.

Can I submit my application before I complete my current degree program?

Yes! Please send us the transcripts that are currently available. We will request final transcripts once you have completed your degree. Please note that your degree must be completed before MFE program begins.

I need a few more days to complete my application, can I still apply?

Yes! We do allow a grace period of 1-2 business days for those who need a little more time to get in some last minute details for the application.