Between two intern offers - QSG or AI/ML

Hi, I’m looking for advice on some offers I am debating between for the upcoming summer.

One is for quant strategy at a BB bank, which seems to be more market facing and closer to trading desks, while the other is AI/ML applied to research problems at a different BB bank (feels slightly further from the trading desk).

All things are equal here in terms of salary and prestige imo. I’m wondering what is the better long term career move for someone who wants to move into buy side.

Any advice would be appreciated!
my 2 cent is to get as close to the money as possible, so I personally favor the quant strat position. You can always learn AI/ML on your own and put that on your resume. Plus, you might have projects on AI/ML on the quant strat position as well. As long as you have that fancy title on your resume, you have a good chance of getting interview by the buy side, from there all you have to do is to pass the technical. Just my humble opinion but hope it helps :)
I will echo what khoatran said. And I will be quite frank with my opinion and say that both are not equal in terms of prestige. A Strat is much more prestigious (and noticeable) than a middle-office research position. In the latter, your work will (probably) focus on longer-term projects and you may consequently feel that your contribution to the firm is nebulous (in terms of revenue generation). Some people care a lot about that sort of thing, some don't. A Strat will work much closer with desks on a daily basis and, in my opinion, will stand out when applying to buy-side positions. You will also potentially have the opportunity to apply AI/ML in the Strat position.

My opinion: The Strat position is much more open-ended in terms of application. Go with the quant strat position.