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Big 4 IT Consulting

So I didn't get into any of the top FE programs this year. As a result, I took an offer to work as a consultant at one of the Big 4 in NYC. My plan is to gain some work experience, and maybe take some classes part time, and apply next year. Would my work experience help at all when I reapply? The job doesn't have any finance or programming, and that's why I am a little concerned. Any comments would be really appreciated!
The job surely does not hurt in the admission context. Keep in mind that you are competing against an applicant pool whose 70%-80% population has no prior internship in Western firms. So it's a plus for you.
As long as your academic background is on par and you take care of your programming component by taking courses online or at a local college, you have some good things to build on.
Thanks for the replies. I have a few more questions.
1. If I apply for 2013, I would only have 3 months of work experience by the time applications are due. Should I work for a full year before I reapply?
2. Another option would be doing MFE part time. Any thoughts?
3. Where can I take relevant classes part time in NYC?
Working FT and taking course part-time sounds like a win-win situation to me, specially if you can get your employer to pay the tuition.
You can take courses at any CUNY colleges.
Note that in order to be eligible for the (much lower) in-state tuition, you need to be a New York resident for a full year before starting classes at CUNY. If you are moving to New York from elsewhere and starting classes right away, you would be subject to the higher out-of-state tuition rates.
I really appreciate your replies. Though could anyone help me with this question mentioned earlier?
1. If I apply for 2013, I would only have 3 months of work experience by the time applications are due. Should I work for a full year before I reapply?
You do want your math to be fresh. If you are working in a field where you don't use it much (or, at all) then after a year you would probably start to forget things that you have learned now.

To improve your skil lset, you might want to look into something like the Baruch Pre-MFE program, where the faculty lead a select group of post-baccalaureate students through the prerequisite material. More information is available about that program here: http://mfe.baruch.cuny.edu/pre-mfe-program/

If you are successful in such preparatory courses, you should be in a much better position to gain admission to an MFE program for the following year.