Black Friday wishlist

I think it is more of a yearly event for people. Up all night, in line, breakfast afterwards. The deals aren't that great or only on specific items. Not like 50% off everything from floor to ceiling.

I went later in the day and traffic was down. I honestly don't know how retailers are going to right the ship. Banana Republic has been at 40% off forever now. All other places are 40%-50%. While the price of food and energy is suffering from inflation, one must wonder if non essential goods are suffering from a type of deflation. Talk about the worst of both worlds.
The deals aren't that great or only on specific items.

For big-ticket items where there are real savings, typically only one or two are allotted per store -- which the public knows, thus explaining the mad stampedes.

Retail is taking a whacking. People have been holding back the last couple of months to save a few dollars on Black Friday.
This economy is going to suck for a long time. Consumer spending is crippled and the housing sector is in limbo. Only thing that is going to fix this is consumer de-leveraging which is going to take forever with stagnant salaries and lackluster employment. Honestly, if Obama wants to expedite this would loosen bankruptcy requirements and incentive banks to move these dead weight homes. Until that is done things will continue to limp along.

What would be interesting is if you looked at consumer spending during the boom, stripped out spending on credit and found out the true, cash and carry, consumption level. We are in a society with limited credit now and going forward.


Psychic in Training
I spent more money on my girlfriend than I did on myself. Got her one of these for the upcoming holiday season at Best Buy (and if I find a better price/present, the return policy is nice - until two weeks after Christmas...):

Just don't tell her if you know her...

As for myself, got an overcoat at Macy's, a couple of $12 polos at IZOD and one of these:

Oh, and a half-price soccer ball at Sports Authority.

Joy Pathak

i just got some random stuff.

some clothes...

a midi keyboard to produce dubstep and electro house music( i know...)

One of those shiatsu massaging pillows.. The one from brookstone.

Going to look for deals on Cyber Monday