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Book on Unix Fundamentals

Hi All,

I have 4+ years of experience in C++. I have an interview (15 days from today) with goldman sachs on C++ and Unix. I have never worked on Unix and would request you to recommend me some good book(s), which would help me understand the basic fundamentals of Unix.

Any tips on what type of Unix questions could pop up during the interview would also be welcome.

I am a Ubuntu/Mac user, so no firsthand knowledge, but my first stop for everything tech is slashdot.org. I would go there and search for "unix books". The commenters are awesome and there is pretty sophisticated promotion system, so it filters out the "FAIL" posts and whatnot.

My other bit of advice would be to use Unix (do you know which variety?) exclusively from now until the interview. I imagine you can learn quite a bit in two weeks.
They will probably expect you to be familiar with make files, among other things. (i.e. how can you tie together and compile a large number of .cpp files using the command lines).

I'd suggest getting the vmware player (free) and an ubuntu linux install (I found it to be fast/painless). You can be up and running within a few hours.. it really helps to actually have done some of the stuff with your own hands.