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Books on Behavioral finance/Investing

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good book on behavioral finance/investing. I would like a book that is considered a good read and could get me thinking about the subject.
There are many books on behavioral finance but some of them are verbal ones not mathematical which I don't like. Here is the book which is at my university library and seems to be really a good read.

thanks, yeah from what I've seen from the search inside feature on Amazon this could work. I was actually looking for non-mathematical books. I just wanted to pick up a book on the subject and keep reading, I don't want to stop to review mathematical equations. Something E-Z to read but thought provoking.
Ok, I just personally don't like books about finance and economics not focused on math. I haven't had an experience with this particular subject so other members must be more aware of this and will recommend something suitable. Good Luck ;)
Dr.Bob Shiller is pioneer in behavioral finance. His books are readable and cheap to buy on amazon. Book like "Irrational exuberance " is pretty awesome.