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Boost C++ Libraries

I am using Visual Studio 2019.
I have downloaded from this page and installed boost 1.75
The extracted libraries look fine

At the compile time I am getting this message cannot find "libboost........ mt-sgd-x32-1_75.lib"

D:\BOOST\boost_1_75_3\stage\lib looks like this

It does not appear libbost_timer_vc_142-mt-sgd-x32-1_75.lib
Can someone help me to identify what is going on? and how to correct this

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
you are doing sumpin' wrong..

You have to tell him WHERE to find lib (additional directories under Linker).
If you have used Boost before ..

or go back to 1.72 unless 1.75 is really necessary ;)

check project 64 bit with you x32.,lb


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Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Normally I have 64 bit across the boards.

My Rule is

Let;s say Boost has a new version 1.75. Use is after about [6,9] months. Use stable 1.72.
When 1.80 comes along, then use 1.75.

No time to be a beta/acceptance tester for Boost.