C++11/C++14 with Multidisciplinary Applications Cert Testimonials


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This is such a great course! I learned a lot from it and really enjoyed the C++ learning experience. The class is very well organized and structured. The learning materials are very interesting and useful. The TAs are extremely helpful and always answer the students' questions on the forum. It is definitely worth taken for anyone who wants to learn more C++ or love programming in general.


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It is a great course. Teaching assistant is so helpful that every time I got my grades within one day of submission and the comments were solid and constructive. I would definitely suggest this course to someone who is willing to learn more and in depth about C++ features and applications and it is surely worth the money.

Gongshun Yin
The course materials are abundant and meaningful, though the exercises are sometimes hard to understand. TA and professor Daniel answer questions on the forum pretty promptly. Grading of Homework is very useful.
Zhihao Chen

Vladimir Tonkov

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Thank you so much for making very interesting and practical course in C++ with up-to-date content. I think acquired knowledge during the course will be very useful at my work and in my personal life. Among other things I would like to point out that tutor's assistance during the course are always prompt and helpful.

Pavlos Sakoglou

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Hi all,

The C++11/C++14 with Multidisciplinary Applications online course is an excellent opportunity to dive in the new features of C++11 and C++14, to get a deep understanding of them, and to advance your programming skills to a whole different level.

The video lectures and the reading material that are provided in each section, are more than enough for the students to get the idea of the newly introduced concepts. The reading material consists mostly of whole book chapters of advanced computer science textbooks, which give a deep insight of the presented concepts. The videos, too, are well detailed with many examples and full-comment explanation on the new features.

The homework problems are mainly straightforward questions, with a few exceptional problems in every level. The difficulty is gradual, but no problem is too hard to solve, given the appropriate time and attention. That said, I personally found about 60% of the homework problems to be quite straightforward, 30% of them to be difficult to do, but very doable, and 10% of them to require serious work, but again, doable to pull off.

The quality, intensity, and volume of the homework, ensure the continuous improvement of the students, and I seriously doubt that someone who completes this certificate won't be able to compete in real life and be considered an advanced, master-level programmer.

It took serious commitment, hard work, and 124 days to complete this certificate with distinction (93.84% final score). I couldn't be happier, and I wholeheartedly recommend this course to those who want to take their coding skills in a completely different level. It is indeed an advanced online certificate.

Special thanks to my TA @APalley and to the instructor of this course @Daniel Duffy, for their on-time and excellent, intuitive support in the forum, and to @Andy Nguyen who helped to put everything together. Wonderful job!

Cheers! ;)

Pavlos Sakoglou
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I have a question as to what kind of wall street job should one expect after doing advance certification. I am interested in this course but need to make my mind for complete C++ job.

Daniel Duffy

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I have a question as to what kind of wall street job should one expect after doing advance certification. I am interested in this course but need to make my mind for complete C++ job.
My 2 cents
C++ is the best language. What might be worth investigating is best-of-all-worlds C++ with C# (and C++/CLI) which seems to be a growing area.


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Thanks you for these articles on the use of C++ with C#. I have seen this implementation in investment banking.


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Just completed the whole course several days ago. The tutor @APalley is always helpful and gives me feedback on time. I appreciate his work very much. It is a wise decision for me to take this course. I think this course greatly improve my OOP coding skills and deepen the concepts and features I have heard in the former course.