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Hello Quantnet,

I am currently a senior in college graduating next fall. My school offers a Quantitative Finance specialization track for undergraduate students as well as a Financial Derivatives/Engineering course at the senior level. I was wondering if anyone here has used or has heard of someone using the the certificate program here as a template for an independent study course with their school. What I hope to do is use the course here as well as a text book for Building Financial Risk Management Applications with C++ as a program template to apply for independent study where they use the grades I make on the assignments and exams from the certificate and the modules from the book. This way I can get credit for school, some experience with building risk management tools, and a certificate from an established program.

Another question I have is what is the re-enrollment process like? I enrolled last summer but wasn't able to finish due to school work load and personal issues.

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I can't speak for others, but speaking as originator of the course there is enough C++ to implement most problems.

What a course does not and cannot teach is experience and you learn by doing, making mistakes and in this way improving.

So the trajectory is Risk Man specifications -> Design -> C++.

You become a good designer by

practice (get it working)
practice (get it right)
practice (get it optimized)

Like the steps in judo from my late judo teacher, 1-2-3
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