C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Hey everyone! My name’s Manav.

Objective: prepare for an MFE and begin learning programming skills.
Programming Experience: None, this is my starting point!
Current Work: Maths, Statistics and Finance student. Changed majors - was previously a law student working as a law clerk, but didn’t enjoy it.
Intended Pace: 2-3 months over the Winter Holidays.
Hi, everyone. I am a finance student from Baruch College. My name is Zhikai.

Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program and how to make an algorithmic trading program.

Programming Experience: Python and VBA

Current Work: Junior student in Finance major and minor in Math. Have a strong interest in Financial Math.

Intended Pace: I will try my best to finish and master it this summer before September.
Hi Everyone, my name is Cynthia

Objective: Learn C++ as well as relevant application in financial engineering for quant job

Programming Experience: Python

Current Work: MFE student

Intended Pace: Aiming to finish the course by beginning of October.
Hi, everyone! My name is Ethan.

Objective: Learn deeper C++ knowledge for my future MFE program and useful techniques in financial trading.

Programming Experience: C++, Python, SQL

Current Work: Undergraduate student in Data Science

Intended Pace: Aiming to accomplish the course by late September
Hello Team, my name is Brendan

Objective: Learn C++ to rekindle an understanding of memory allocation and real OOP techniques for personal projects and MFE programs. Also, I hope to learn finance in the process, too!

Programming Experience: Although I was self-taught before taking two CS courses in high school, I have forgotten Java and C. Since then, I have worked in VBA, MatLab, little Python and SQL.

Current Work: Systems Engineer

Intended Pace: Lightspeed (fingers crossed) by September

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Hi team, my name is Felix. Glad to learn C++ together with you guys.

Objective: to be proficient in using C++ and have a better chance of being admitted to a MFE program.

Programming Experience: some Python, some SAS and R.

Current Work: resigned from current job as a financial analyst in July.

Intended Pace: hopefully by mid-October. Also learning Python at the moment.
Hi everyone,

My name is Ed and I'm excited to be learning with all of you.

Objective: to learn C++ for MFE admission (and also self-edification)

Programming Experience: JavaScript and a bit of Excel VBA

Current Work: not currently employed (was previously at a fintech and before that I worked in M&A)

Intended Pace: would be great to finish by the end of September
Hi everyone! So thrilled to join this course.

My name is Suyang.

Objective: to learn C++ for MFE admission

Programming Experience: Python, C and R language

Current Work: Undergraduate student major in finance and minor in data science

Intended Pace: Aiming to finish the course by middle of September

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Hi all! This is Medran.
Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program.
Programming Experience: python for machine learning, matlab for mathematical solution.
Current Work: undergraduate student
Intended Pace: in two or three weeks
3 weeks? That's very ambitious. It does not have to a 100 meter sprint.
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Hello everyone! My name is Tengxiao.

Objective: Admission to MFE programs

Programming Experience: C, MATLAB, Stata and a little Python

Current Work: Undergraduate student major in mathematics and minor in economics

Intended Pace: Finish before October