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C++ Online Programming Cert Testimonials

I took this course and the Advanced course in order to meet the prerequisite of MFE program. I am not a CS major and prior to this course, I only had taken one CS course in school so my background in C++ programming was weak. However, this course really helped me to walk through the essence of OOP in C++ and its intersection with Financial Engineering. Recently, I relied on this course to pass a round of quant interview in a French bank which I would not have done so months ago. I cannot thank enough to the feedback that Avi has provided throughout the course.
Very high quality content. As for me I was totally a beginner of C++, but this course just guided me step by step to code and solve financial problem. TA has great patience and they are ready to help you anytime. In the end I'm really satisfied with what I have learned!
Really love prof. Danial. And APalley is a really nice TA, who responded to my posts and messages quickly. I feel I have become more sophisticated than my classmates who don't register this course. In all, really recommend this course.
This course is well-structured, well-taught and perfect for a new starter of C++. Previously, I had some programming in other languages like Python and Matlab, but C++ is very different. By taking this course, I have a more profound understanding of various concepts in C++ programming. I enjoyed the process of resolving problems in practice and finally put the knowledge into application in finance.
I enjoy this course. It is amazing that it can cover the core topics of C++ programming with just 9 lectures. The homework exercises are well designed and each of them installs a key concept. The quizzes are challenging, which motivate me to dig deeper to truly understand the language. I really appreciate the teaching approach taken by my TA, which does not involve a lot of hand-holding. Instead of giving out the answers right away, he motivates me to think and search independently. I benefit a lot from this approach. Overall it is a great learning experience.

Many thanks to @APalley and @GONG CHEN for answering my questions and providing feedback.

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Thank you.
The fact that we can do everything is 9 lectures is partly the result of continuous improvement since 1990 (thousands of course attendees, from industry and financial institutions as well).
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The course is great! The course content not only covers the most basic and important features in C++ but also provide some insights about its application in computational finance, which is very helpful for me, who has little major background knowledge. Ta is also very helpful, ready to solve my problems as soon as possible. It is a very good online-learning experience!

I finished this course on 11/18/18, it's been one year.:cool:

Here are some of my thoughts.

Before taking this course, I had completely no knowledge of programming, but today I am able to use programming as a tool to help me address real-life problems. By taking this course, I developed very rigorous programming skills and learned to think the way how programmers think. After finishing this course, I've also tried a Python programming course in my school but it turned out to be no better than this online course. Programming is really about those limited contents, the way to assess how good a course is is how those contents are arranged, and this course did a better job.

Also, I want to thank this course for helping me find a field that I enjoy. Before taking this course I was not that determined to have a quant career in the future, but I am now.
Hi, all!

This course guided me from learning the C++ language itself to applying it to the real-world problems. The well-designed course videos&notes provided by Prof. Duffy helped me build up a clear understanding of course content. The exercises in each level were always quite challenging. Whenever I had any questions, my TAs APalley and GONG CHEN were always there and provided feedbacks quickly and to the point. I really appreciate for their help. Also, I spent quite a long time on the forum to learn from other students, and I found this learning method is quite efficient too.

For those who want to register for this course or those who are learning right now, I think as long as you spend enough time on this course, take every exercises seriously, try to get understand of every knowledge points and improve your programs based on TAs' comments, you will definitely gain a lot from this course and get knowledge more than you could imagine.

It’s been a great learning experience and I really enjoyed the time I spent in this friendly and supportive community.
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The course was a fabulous entry to C++ programming. Each level of the 9 Level course was brilliantly packed with instructive videos on each programming topic. But the meat of the course were the End of Level Homeworks. These Homeworks drill down the concept learned earlier through the levels through programming mini-projects. I found the homeworks the best way to completely understand the topics learned. The TAs and the forum have been the best resources throughout the duration of the course. Completed the course with Distinction and raring to start the Advanced Course.
Completed 01/21/2020
The course is very useful for me, particular the one without any foundation of programming 😛 . Every level was designed with clear purpose and i believe everyone could learn Something from the course. Besides, TA responds to my question very quickly, which is of much importance.
At last, I am wandering if there is any recommended course for MATLAB.:unsure:

Sincerely appreciate the help from Prof. Duffy, my TA and those friends in the forum. :D
I could only say that my boss, seeing how I am excited about the course and listening my enthusiastic screams about the tasks and the code review, said: «Yeah, I really wanna take it too!”

Many thanks to @APalley @GONG CHEN @Daniel Duffy for this great experience. It was really interesting and challenging, the course is very thoughtful and high quality. And while I am chosing the time to start the another advanced part, please wait for the presence of my boss on this course - coming soon😄
The certificate is quite helpful in applying Baruch College. Also, we can learn a lot about C++ even without related background. I will definitely suggest this course to all of my friends who want to be a quant. In the end, you should be ready to take pains because the course is not easy from level 6 to level 9.

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Regarding C++ training -- I think some of these are pretty good (although, considering the pricing, may be more suitable in a commercial/company (as opposed to personal) setting):

Scott Meyers
Scott Meyers: Training Services

Dave Abrahams

For instance:
http://www.aristeia.com/effective-c .html
Fastware for C++--Scott Meyers : Standard C++
Higher Level C++ with the Boost Libraries -- Dave Abrahams : Standard C++

Note, that these are mostly _not_ introductory and build on a preexisting knowledge of and experience with C++.
Some of these links are broken.

BTW is Scott Meyers still involved with C++?
Excellent course it is. Not only teach you syntax thing like normal programming courses do, but also programming ideas and QF applications that can also be used in other language. What’s more, if you want to get a solid programming ability from the course, hardworking needed!