Can experience at an Equity Research department add value to an MFE application?


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I'm finishing my undergrad degree on Applied Mathematics and I'm working as an equity research intern at a top bank. I've recently been offered a full time job at another top bank's equity research department - which I believe could be attractive for 2 years and then go do my masters. However, I'm worried that given the low "quant" requirements of the role, accepting the offer may damage a future application for an MFE and that a recommendation letter from my potential boss may not be considered valuable.

I've tried getting into other data/quant entry level roles but seems like my experience in ER isn't helping my application as I can't get past the CV screening phase. However, I've gotten multiple callbacks for more business oriented roles (consulting, IB, ER). So the main question is: if my goal is doing an MFE would you advise me to take the offer and then seek the masters or try to get in straight after my bachelor's!?