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Can I use Mac OS System to learn this course?

Hello, I don't have the Windows system laptop but a Macbook. Can I use the Mac system to learn the C++ course? If yes, what software can I use to develop C++ codes? Thank you.


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
You may wish to look into running the Windows OS on your Mac laptop. Two software products that help with this are:
Parallels Desktop for Mac
VirtualBox for Mac OS X

These "virtualization" programs allow you to share your CPU, memory, disk and other hardware resources among multiple running operating systems.

For sure there are details that will matter such as what CPU your laptop uses, what version of MacOS you have and how much RAM and disk space you have. Also note that you will need to have a legitimately licensed copy of Windows OS (such as Windows 7). If you are at Baruch College, you should be able to make use of our MSDN Academic Alliance (a.k.a. DreamSpark) program that provides students with free access to Windows OS, Visual studio and other Microsoft development tools. Many other schools subscribe to DreamSpark as well in addition to members of IEEE Computer Society.


Prof. H.
I don't know MacOS and my Excel interface is not supported. And Boost C++ libraries might be an issue.

Ideally, Wintel. (IMO)

Daniel, Boost definitely won't be an issue.

While GCC supplied with OS X by default is a bit old (but you can get a recent version yourself, using MacPorts or Homebrew), Clang is an excellent compiler, and both offer arguably the best C++11 support right now:
http://www.aristeia.com/C 11/C 11FeatureAvailability.htm

// Clang is not a problem at least since 2010: http://blog.llvm.org/2010/05/clang-builds-boost.html

One can always check under Release Notes -> Compilers Tested:

// At the moment of writing, Boost Version 1.53.0:

See also:

Probably right on Excel, though.

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
I would recommend that you learn this on a Win platform to save you from the headaches later on.

yep. Save yourself hassle and just use VS2010/2012 Express.

Especially for

Excel visualisation
Hi ,

im a mac user, i'd like to know what software to download and what link to use, are u able to help me?

I concur with Andy and Dr. Duffy above.

If you need to use Mac (which students have successfully used through level 8), students have used xcode. However, this is not recommended.