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Chicago MSFM Candidate Statement


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Please discuss your academic and career objectives. Be as specific as you can about the fields in which you plan to study and your particular research interests. Beyond what is apparent from your transcripts, describe preparation for proposed program of study, including research projects in which you have participated. Your statement is an important part of your application. It should be clear, concise, and well crafted. Please note that there is a 2500 word limit.

This is the prompt for the statement of purpose for this program. It seems pretty standard but what really throws me off is the word limit they give. 2500 words is about 8 pages which is a lot longer than any of the other programs I am applying to are asking for. I imagine they are expecting those studying creating writing or history to completely fill up the 8 pages and those studying math or physics, not so much. For those of you who are applying to this program or have already applied, how are you approaching this ambiguity? I was thinking of expanding on an essay I wrote for another program and filling up about 4 pages.

Keith Tan

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as the question states, 2500 word limit, which means don't go beyond 8 pages. even 1 page is acceptable.

common sense tells me that admissions office often receive applications with essays turned in like it's a thesis competition. Hence 8 pages the max for those who really love to turn in thesis-like essays in their applications.

again, common sense tells me regardless of the amount of pages turned in, as long as you've proved your point and answered the question to the dot, it should suffice. no need for 8 pages.

if i were reading an essay of 800+ applications, i won't go beyond the first page telling me about his grandfather's tale, his father's tale and finally his tale on how much he wants to enter this program. Yes, tell me your grandfather tale in a "clear, concise, and well crafted" manner, but not over 8 pages please.