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Please recommend one position out of the two

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Hey guys. I have two job offers, both from small commercial banks.

1. MRM Monitoring Analyst: The job is not quantitative, and the tasks are to monitor/verify/report/analyze.

Responsibilities include reporting on compliance with the Model Risk Management Framework and Procedures, including model inventory, model issues, and all aspects of the model life cycle.

2. Model Risk Analyst: This job is more quantitative compared to the previous one but does not require any significant programming skills such as R or Python. The work is mostly on Excel VBA/SQL.

Responsibilities include interacting with model/end-user computing (EUC) developers, owners, and managers throughout the Bank) and assist in the presentation of findings and recommendations to major stakeholders. This role will also be responsible for documenting and presenting model validation results to relevant committees.

My ultimate career goal is to become a Quant/model developer.

MY QUESTION: Is taking any of the two jobs a bad career move for me? The reason for my doubt is since both of the profile does not require any core programming skills (Python/R/C++). Will this work experience help me learn the skills required for model validation/model development roles in the future? or will it be very difficult for me to move to model development after such work experience?

Also, what specific skills should I focus on to work toward my career goal?

Background: I have recently graduated from one of the top 15(according to Quantnet) graduate quant programs in the USA and have no prior quant work experience.
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Between the 2, I'd say the second one is a safer bet, IMHO. But frankly, they are both quite far from model development in terms of qualifications. Maybe you should keep looking if you still have time :) Good luck