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Chance of getting into top 5 / top 10 program


New Member

I was wondering what my chances of getting into a top five program are. I'm interested in some type of quant trading after I graduate. My Stats:
  • Work Experience: 2 Years at a BB in a healthcare coverage group; 2 years in Venture Capital; spent the last four years working for a few of our portfolio companies in FP&A
  • GRE: 167 Q; 169 Verbal
  • Undergrad: Math Major at a top Liberal Arts School (Williams / Amherst)
  • GPA: 3.25
  • Coursework: Calc I-III; Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Math Modeling & Control Theory, Set Theory, Stats, DIffEQ; 2 Intro CS Classes; 2 CS Theory classes-Data Structures / Theory of Computation; Physics including general relativity and E&M
I realize my background is a little bit all over the place but I've been thinking more and more recently about how I miss doing Math and want to get back into something that involves more of it. MFE seems like a good way to do that while leveraging my finance background. The big holes I see are on the probability and programing side and maybe some concerns around GPA / GRE scores.