Chances of getting a good MFE?

Aman Gupta

New Member
Hi, I’m a HFT quant (not really quants per se in HFT but that’s my title) for an indian HFT firm. I’ve experience in building and deploying very large scale HFT systems. I also learned FPGA on the job and currently do a lot of that as well.
I want to transition to a more quant like role. I’ve been reading up material on my own but seems like a MFE might not be a bad option.
I have 6 years work ex (~4 years in electronic trading)

What are my chances of getting a good MFE program like perhaps Baruch or Cornell? My GPA was low like 3.3-3.4 but I think other areas of my profile are strong. I want to study in New York preferably.